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In Memoriam

Please let us know if we need to include other alumni in our Memoriam list. Errors are sometimes made based on information received. Please report / update a Memoriam with any additional information (include name, class year, date if known, place if known and any additional information for public view) in regards to alumni missing from this list, or that are included erroneously. Thank You
Please Note: We are updating with past reports. Please be patient.

Faculty, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005,

Alumni: Paul Frank Bartos, Date of Death: April 4, 2000
Reported By:

Alumni: Edina Lynne Pickrell, Date of Death:
Reported By: Nancy Hamm

Alumni: Mary Louise Hall, Date of Death:
Reported By: Nancy Hamm

Alumni: Jess Alderson, Date of Death:
Reported By: Nancy Hamm

Alumni: Russell Lee, Date of Death:
Reported By: Nancy Hamm

Alumni: Theresa Decker Davis, Date of Death:
Reported By: Nancy Hamm

Alumni: Glen Burgess, Date of Death:
Reported By: Nancy Hamm

Alumni: Michael Corn, Date of Death:
Reported By: Nancy Hamm

Alumni: Becky Kenner Isom, Date of Death: September 16, 2000
Reported By: Charlotte Briley Wilson (Reported In Dallas Morning News. Survived By Husband, Roddy; Son Kenner & Daughter Kolbe.)

Alumni: Joseph Hodges Linde Iii, Date of Death: May 28, 1972
Reported By: Cheryl Nicks Turcotte (Joe Was An Accomplished And Promising Musician, Taken From Us Just Before Graduation.)

Alumni: Weldon Cain, Date of Death: 1969?
Reported By: John Hagen-Brenner (Weldon Died In A Car Accident In Our Sophomore Year. We Were In The Same Home Room Together.)

Alumni: Wm. Dale Crew, Date of Death: January 26, 1988
Reported By: Kathe Crew (Wife)Q (This Is A Great Idea (The Memory List). There Are So Many Of Us Who Just "Disappeared" And No One Knows Their Whereabouts.)

Alumni: Robert Mccommas, Date of Death: August 2005
Reported By: Cathy Acker

Alumni: James N. "Jim" Mcnamara, Date of Death: 3/26/2001
Reported By: Charlotte Briley Wilson (Survivors Included Siblings Keith Mcnamara, Ba '73; Lisa Mcnamara, Ba'75 And Joseph Mcnamara And Parents Ray & Pat Mcnamara)

Alumni: Patrick Jay Seyster, Date of Death: May 6, 2001
Reported By: Charlotte Briley Wilson (Patrick Was Preceded In Death By His Brother, Charles "Mike" Seyster, Class Of 1967)

Alumni: Tommy Jack Beaver, Date of Death: March 5,1994
Reported By: Larry R Bales

Alumni: James Yeager, Date of Death:
Reported By: Karen Larsen (Reggie Lagow)

Alumni: Jerry Lancaster, Date of Death: July, 1979
Reported By: Karen Larsen (Cancer)

Alumni: Perry Steele, Date of Death: 1998
Reported By: Gayle Cox (I Read In The Obiturary In The Dallas Morning News.)

Alumni: Marilyn K. Ballew, Date of Death: 7-13-2003
Reported By: Cougar Tracks

Alumni: Cheryl Claiborne, Date of Death: 1982
Reported By: Jimmy Croy (Cheryl Fought A Courageous Battle Against Breast Cancer. We Miss Her!)

Alumni: Billy J. Dome, Date of Death: September 7, 2002
Reported By:

Alumni: Andrew 'Andy' Ruthford, Date of Death: June 2003
Reported By: Charlotte Briley Wilson (Source: The Dallas Morning News. Andy Died From Complications Of Diabetes.)

Alumni: Richard Noble, Date of Death: 1994 or 1995
Reported By: Keith Tayler (Richard Died In 1994 Or 1995 (I Will Get More Details) Of A Brain Aneurism At His Parent'S House In Dallas.)

Alumni: Beverly E. Mcclintock, Date of Death: May 27 2005
Reported By: Magan Mcclintock

Alumni: Randolph E. Tear, Date of Death: 2004
Reported By: Rebecca Tear (Randy Passed Away After 30 Years On Dialysis. He Was A Figher To The End.)

Alumni: Gordon Scott Ogle, Date of Death: March 20 2007
Reported By: Debbie Finney Euziere (Preceded In Death By Mother, Jan Ogle (2006); Survived By Sister, Cathleen Ogle Forrester (Class Of 1975).)

Alumni: Janie Brown (Joiner), Date of Death: April 28 2007
Reported By: Tammy Weingand (Reported By Nancy Edgar)

Alumni: Marc A. Crouch, Date of Death: July 18 2007
Reported By: Cindy Stovall Keith Wolf (My Younger Sister Who Is Also A Ba Alumni Told Me About Mark. His Obit Was In The Dallas Morning News. The Paper Said He Died Suddenly. It Was My Understanding It Was A Heart Attack.)

Alumni: James E. Mcdonald, Date of Death: June 1985?
Reported By: Thomas J. Craven (Jim Was Sitting At A Traffic Light By Himself After He Had Visited His Uncle While On An Assignment For His Employer In Anehiem. A Car Load Of Drunk Mexican Nationals Rear Ended His Car At A High Rate Of Speed.)

Alumni: Marc A. Crouch, Date of Death: July 18 2007
Reported By: Daryla Griser

Alumni: Tommy J. Beaver, Date of Death: March 05 1994
Reported By: Larry R Bales (Suicide Victim)

Alumni: Timothy P. Walvoord, Date of Death: June 22 1979
Reported By: Don Topley (Car Accident.)

Alumni: Billy W. Bolton, Date of Death: 1992
Reported By: Patrick C. Caster

Alumni: Charles S. Stewart, Date of Death: June 2007
Reported By: John Hagen-Brenner (Chuck Died Of Heart Problems In 2007. He Will Always Be Remembered By His Friends, Paul Bryant, Richard Hoefle, John Hagen And Breck Nichols, And All Who Knew This Talented And Uniquely Eccentric Man. He Was A True Unpredictable And An Inspiration.)

Alumni: Howard J. Scoggins, Date of Death: ????
Reported By: Joyce Johanning (Not Sure When Jay Passed Away. David Johanning Saw His Father'S Obituary In The Paper 7/11/08 And It Mentioned He Was Preceeded In Death By His Son, Howard Jay Scoggins.)

Alumni: Gary K. Kent, Date of Death: 1972
Reported By: Sandy Maddox Lynch (Hit A Submerged Stump And Drowned. Right After Graduation.)

Alumni: Jerald Steve Joiner, Date of Death: May 18 1998
Reported By: Sandy Maddox Lynch (Died Suddenly From An Undiagnosed Congenital Heart Defect. I Will Always Love Him.)

Alumni: Michael J. Stockton, Date of Death: January 17 2008
Reported By: Robert Mcdonald (A Web Search Produced An Obit From Jan 2008. Mike Died In His Sleep. It Said He Was Co Owner Of An Import Business And Had Been Very Active In The Ministry At Union Gospel Mission In Dallas. )

Alumni: Michael J. Stockton, Date of Death: January 17 2008
Reported By: Robert Mcdonald (Stocktonphillips Collection Agent Michael Jay Stockton Dies Was Advocate Of Green Movement By Furniture Today Staff -- Furniture Today, January 17, 2008 Chaing Mai, Thailand — Michael Jay Stockton, Southeast Asia Export Agent For Thephillips Collection, Died In His Sleep On Jan. 7. He Was 53. An Industry Veteran, Stockton Was Founder And Partner In The International Trading Company Stocktongage. A Pioneer And Advocate Of The “Green” Movement, He Also Gave To Causes In Northern Thailand And To The City Of Hope Women’S And Children’S Center In His Native Dallas. Stockton Encouraged Phillips And His Other Clients To Work Only With Salvaged And Authorized Woods. “It Was With Him That We Developed Our Origins Collection Of One-Of-A-Kind Colossal Root Furniture, As Well As Our Colossal Teakwood Horses, Made From Scraps Of Recycled Teak,” Said Jason Phillips, Creative Director Of The Phillips Collection. The Phillips Collection Will Dedicate Its Las Vegas Market To Stockton’S Memory. Stockton Is Survived By His Wife, Six Children And Stepchildren, And His Mother. In Lieu Of Flowers, Donations Can Be Made To The Union Gospel Mission, 3211 Irving Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75247.)

Alumni: Kenneth R. Brunner, Date of Death: October 19 2005
Reported By: Theresa Brunner

Alumni: Delman R. Painter, Date of Death: November 01 1992
Reported By: Gary Williams (Http://Www.Turtlecreek.Org/Memorial/Memorialprofile.Php?Mbr_id=90082)

Alumni: Paul M. Nierman, Date of Death: March 03 2002
Reported By: Philip White

Alumni: Robert J. Moran, Date of Death: September 2010
Reported By: Randy Alexander (Died From Cancer.)

Alumni: Janet S. Jackson (Sellers), Date of Death: 2004
Reported By: Laure Hanson ( I Am Not Sure Of The Date, She Passed Away Approx. 2004. Her Full Name When She Attended Ba Was Janet Sue Sellers. She Lived On Lockwood Blvd In Dallas Most Of Her Life And All During Jr. High And High School. Janet Had One Daughter Kimberly. Janet And I Had Been Friends Since 8th Grade. And Remained Friends During Our Adult Years As Well. We Lost Contact For A Few Years When I Was Living Out Of State. I Learned Of Her Death When I Moved Back To Dallas In 2005. Hope Some Of This Info Will Help For Confirmation Regarding Her Passing. Thank You, Laure Hanson)

Alumni: Michael R. Corn, Date of Death: March 23 1987
Reported By: Jan E. Mayhall
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