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Bryan Adams HS Alumni TilesBAHS Alumni Association Goal: TO LEND INCREASED SPIRIT AND SUPPORT TO SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AND FUND-RAISERS – In keeping with our overall goal of becoming an important partner in the education mission of Bryan Adams High School, the Association would like to increase pride in the school and its graduates and to promote the notion that the school is a tremendous asset to both the local and larger communities. In 1997 the Alumni Association was asked to organize and maintain the building of the “Cougar Wall of Memories” at Bryan Adams. We introduced the effort at the 40th Anniversary celebration in 1997 and the first portion of the wall was installed over the office doors during spring break of 1998. Updates to the wall are now being installed annually.

Commemorative 4"x 8" bricks are sold featuring the name and class year of graduates or in memory of a classmate that is no longer with us. 12x12" tiles are also available for organizations, graduating classes as a whole, or large families. Bricks will be installed in lots of 250, so order your brick soon!!


State Senator John Carona

Class of 1962

Wall of Memories

Karen Ramos - Principal

You can download the brick order form in Adobe Acrobat format here - You can download the tile order form in Adobe Acrobat format here - If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader - it's free and you can get it here.  Make copies of these and share them with your fellow alumni - Pass them out at your reunions!

We are currently working on our "online store" where you will be able to make your order via PayPal (to use a credit card) - In the meantime, if you would like to place your order now - you may click here (uses PayPal) for Brick Order and Tile Order Payments

You may also view and print them as a graphic file:
Brick Order Form - Tile Order Form - Logos - Logos2 - Logos3 - Logos4
(some of the Logos are duplicated on each sheet but we want you to have all options)

From the February 1999 Newsletter:
Cougar Wall of Memories at Bryan Adams

by Charlotte Briley Wilson, Advisory Board & Former Presiden (article has been edited for current information)

Alumni Association TilesSince the beginning of time, man has searched for ways to leave proof of his existence for future visitors to see.  Now, YOU can leave your own proof of existence at Bryan Adams in the form of a 4"x 8" engraved brick for only $100 or a 12"x12" engraved tile for only $250 to be mounted on the hall walls of the school.  Logos for your favorite school organization can be included at no extra charge.  (i.e. Bells, Football, ROTC, etc.).  The history and traditions of our school will be exhibited by the engraved bricks and tiles.  The first installation began in March, 1998 during Spring Break.  Located in the front hallway over the office doors, the wall is visible to all visitors who visit our Alma Mater.

Funds raised by the brick & tile purchases will be used for the BA Alumni Scholarship Fund and to help defray the costs of upkeep on the school not funded by the school district.  This fund-raiser is an on-going project for the Alumni Association.  Orders are taken all during the year.  YOU can help by telling friends and classmates about our Cougar Wall of Memories.


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