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Q.  I've receive a notification that I've been added to the Bryan Adams Alumni Association Mailing List. Is there a cost involved?
A.  No, there is no cost involved to be notified of information. We are transitioning from our domain of and to our new database. The most effective way to move the data and confirm that our information was correct was to have our alumni verify their information. You may join the alumni association for $15.00/year or $200/lifetime, but it is not required.

Q.  Why should I join the Alumni Association?
A.  When you join the Alumni Association at either $15/year or $200/lifetime, you help defray the costs of our operations (like this website, and newsletters, etc). Our Volunteer Board of Directors, Advisory Board and supporters, put in many hours of time and often the cost of materials as well to maintain our organization. Dues help support and continue our ability to keep updated information on graduates. This is of course, very beneficial during Reunion Planning time.

Q.  It sounds like dues don't cover very much. How are scholarships awarded and donations to the school made and where can I make a contribution?
A.  Through direct donations and fundraising projects like our brick sales. You can join, donate or purchase a brick here.

Q.  I have added myself to the mailing list, how do I update my information in the database?
A.  If you have not yet registered a username/password, please click here and search for your information. Please search by all possible names, (married names, legal names, etc.) before writing to ask to be added. We imported most of the information and you should be there. So far we have actually had only one person not in the database out of the 100 or so requests that we have received. If you are unable to find yourself, follow the instructions to ask us to add it. If we are able to find it, we will send you your registration link. If we are unable to find you, we will add the minimal information and notify you so that you may register and then update the rest of your information.

Q.  I have registered and it's not working - what's the problem?
A.  There are several parts of our site that require registrations that are operated by separate programs, so unless you set the same username and password for each area, be sure you are logging into the correct area with the correct password.

Our database requires an initial search and registration. You MUST click on the link that is sent to you to verify that you are you - be careful with your email address - insure that if you are on AOL that you add after your AOL name or you will not receive the email.

Our helpdesk and forums also each require a separate registration. You can simplify things by using the same username and password for each area (if not already taken by someone else).

Our database has encrypted passwords and they CANNOT be retrieved. You answer some security questions after your verification has been activated that will help you reset your password should you forget it. If you are unable to log into an specific area, please insure that you are using the username and password chose for that area.

Q.  Our class wants to utilize the database that the Alumni Association has built up and worked on for our class reunion - can we do this?
A.  YES! We welcome being able to do this for our alumni. We require a $100.00 deposit, and we deliver the list to you in CSV format, which can be used in most database programs(Excel, Access, etc). The deposit will be refunded upon return of the list in the format it was received (including the primary key number that matches it with our records) so that we can update with the latest information. Databases may not be returned for a refund if they have not been updated. Refunds will be made once we verify the changes/updates or we will gladly accept it as a donation should the class choose to do this and apply it to our "Class Wars" challenge.

Q.  Is the Alumni Association going to sell my information to outside companies?
A.  NO! Please review our Privacy Policy.

Q.  I have someone that I need to report as found that is listed as missing, or I need to report a memorium for someone. How do I do this?
A.  You can report information for found people through our help desk right here (this does require a separate registration from the database and forums). You can report a memorium
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