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Welcome to the OFFICIAL site of
The Bryan Adams High School Alumni Association

In the past year, we have all been bombarded with emails (harvested from other alumni registration sites like classmates and reunion) touting "THE Bryan Adams Alumni Site" - this site has NO association whatsoever with BAHSAA (Bryan Adams High School Alumni Association). If you register and/or give them money, you are literally paying them to have your data - which will be used for "marketing purposes" more than likely. They encourage you to tell your other classmates to earn a free membership - Our webmaster went to Reunion to find that literally hundreds of links (including one to our own message board) had been posted. This company has registered hundreds of high school names with the motto "like most alumni websites we have nothing to do with the school".

This is not true (most alumni websites have nothing to do with the school). It's a business model and it's working brilliantly for them because of their marketing tactics (we love the free enterprise system but not in this instance) - and not one school that they are doing this to is receiving any benefit/support - they are simply making money.

We cannot tell you not to register on this site - that is a personal decision. We can tell you the response from them when we asked them to take this down since we were a non-profit organization focused on supporting our alma mater and funding scholarships, was met with disdain and the suggestion that we take down our own.

We believe that using Bryan Adams High School in their domain name is wrong and deceptive, otherwise we would not have asked them to change it. We certainly believe in free enterprise.

However, like any other site that collects the information of your classmates, you can use it as an opportunity to tell your classmates about our OFFICIAL site if you make the choice to register! We have lots of things coming up including Bryan Adams High School 50th Anniversary! SO, if you register, do contact people you know and let them know about!

Sites like Classmates and Reunion and now FACEBOOK are great! There is not any presentation making people believe they are part of "Bryan Adams" - we encourage alumni to be active and find lost classmates and of course, we want you to let them know about us too!

Make your own decision, but let it be an informed one. You may have received that first message as spam, or by a classmate who didn't realize there IS an Official Bryan Adams Alumni Association site. Don't give your money to spammers, whether it be in this instance or any other. Support your local charities, your children's/grandchildren's schools and of course, your alma mater!

"On our city's eastern border - Neath the Texas sky
Proudly stands our Alma Mater - As the years go by.
Forward ever be our watchword - Conquer and prevail.
Hail to thee our Alma Mater - Bryan Adams hail!"

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